Friday, December 18, 2009

crunchy snowmen

My mom ordered me a subscription to Family Fun Magazine last year because I'm always looking for ways to keep myself from losing my mind fun things to do with Kat. She loves crafts and she loves to teeter on the step ladder and cook/bake with me.
With her school Christmas party approaching, I was thumbing through some magazines looking for a cute idea to gift her classmates. This idea appeared in the December issue and it looked easy enough.
That is...until one frazzled, perfectionist, over-caffeinated mom, and one over-excited, not-so-perfectionist, finger-licking 4.5 year old decide to make them together. Yes. That's when all mayhem breaks loose and the perfectionist finally has to give the not-so-perfectionist her own pretzel rods, spreading tool, bowl of melted chocolate, and handful of mini choco chips - to do with what she will.

You can find the recipe for Crunchy the Snowman here.

These were really fun to make. You have to work pretty fast in terms of getting the pretzel rods dipped before the chocolate starts to harden, but re-microwaving for a few seconds here and there kept it at a good consistency. Also, the decorator gel they recommended for the "carrot" nose never seemed to harden. This is really only a problem if you plan to bag them and transport them. If I'd been aware of that ahead of time, I'd have used a different product, or found some little orange candies at The Sweet Factory.

I haven't tried them so I have no idea if they're any good. But, from the response at school...I'm thinking they must have been pretty yummy! Enjoy.

With love from The Valley of the Sun.


  1. you are more on top of it than me!! I applaud this project- we have yet to put our gingerbread house together, I am digging deep to find the energy :)
    Seriously, it is fun to go into the kitchen and create with the little ones- I had to coach myself that the outcome was less important than the experience itself.
    I know they will enjoy these!

  2. These were the cutest gifts ever for the kids! I wish I were as creative as you. Kaitlyn adored hers! Thanks so much for making the party extra special!

  3. Amelia - in spite of the extra angst, cooking/baking with my daughter has been an amazing experience for me. It certainly has taught me a lot about the journey vs the destination. And...a gingerbread house? Now YOU are truly industrious. I want to see some pictures of that when you guys finish it. I have no doubt it will be a work of art. :-)

    Stephanie - I'm so glad Kaitlyn liked her treat. Add that to the list of sweets consumed yesterday, right? I think we need a sugar cleanse. LOL! Oh, and I checked out your blog. Can you turn comments on? I was going to leave one and there was no comment option. I can't wait to meet the newest Olson when he arrives!!

  4. Those are adorable!! I really like Family Fun, but let me subscription end this year... I just cant justify magazines in our budget... so it was nice to live through you for a moment!


  5. Hi Lisa, I'm so new to blogging that I didn't even know that my comments section was disabled. I think I have it up now! I'm a total blogger newbie!


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